Interesting facts about Switzerland - photo# 1

1. Switzerland is called the most "mountainous" country on Earth. 2/3 of its territory is occupied by landscapes with snowy peaks and inaccessible mountains.

2. The longest mountain tunnel was built in this country. The length of Lechberg (this is its name) reaches more than 34 kilometers.

Interesting facts about Switzerland - photo# 2

3. Swiss penknife (one of the most popular and high-quality inventions) has a red color or elements of this shade. And this is not a fad. Just it will be easier to find, for example, in grass, water or snow.

4. Jodl - the whimsical singing of the Swiss, which has no words, was originally coined by shepherds. So they kept in touch with each other.

Interesting facts about Switzerland - photo# 3

5. Fondue - the most famous Swiss dish. Who would have thought that the restaurant menu item used to be poor food. The peasants simply ate up the remnants of cheese and bread.

6. The state makes quite interesting demands to its guardsmen. They should not wear a beard, long hair, be below 174 centimeters in height and marry (during service). But, as practice shows, sometimes these rules are violated. For example, you can take as a wife a woman who is a Catholic.

Interesting facts about Switzerland - photo# 4

7. Swiss forests - a paradise for mushroom pickers. But a large number of white mushrooms with perfect hats the Swiss not only do not collect, but do not even eat.

8. In Switzerland, more than 6 hundred lakes. And each of them - as a work of art.

Interesting facts about Switzerland - photo# 5

9. The official name of Switzerland is the Swiss Confederation, although in fact it is a federal republic.

10. There are no apartment numbers in Switzerland. Instead, special signs with the names of the guests are posted.

11. The equipment of Swiss soldiers includes the famous army knife. In addition to the folding knife, it includes a corkscrew, a can opener, scissors, a screwdriver, a saw, an awl, a key ring, tweezers, a file, toothpicks, pliers. But more modern models of army knives are equipped with electronic clock, LED, laser pointer, flash memory with USB interface and even MP3-player.

Interesting facts about Switzerland - photo# 6

12. Interesting facts about Switzerland concern education. So, children go to school at the age of four. The working week is 4 days.

13. On the streets of this European country you will not find stray dogs and cats.

14. On the territory of Switzerland after 9 pm in any store do not sell alcohol.

15. The majority of the population of Switzerland are Christians.

16. The first Swiss wristwatch was invented by Pattek Philippe in 1868.

Interesting facts about Switzerland - photo# 7

17. The population of Switzerland speaks 4 different (official) languages: German, Italian, French and very rare Romance.

18. The first mention of Swiss cheese dates back to the first century of our era.

19. For cows in Switzerland to give more milk, they are tied with "weighting" around their necks. So it is difficult for an animal to raise its head, so it constantly eats grass.

20. Most varieties of Swiss cheese does not have eyes that are characteristic of this product.

21. The most popular cheeses in Switzerland are Emmental and Gruyer. They are used in the traditional recipe for fondue.