Interesting facts about Germany - photo# 1

1. The majority of police cars in Germany are Mercedes brands.

2. ¾ of the total population of Germany lives in demountable houses and apartments. In this country, the protection of tenant rights at a very high level, so that even wealthy people can live in rented housing.

3. Here the law prohibits traumatic pistols and pepper spray.

Interesting facts about Germany - photo# 2

4. Eco-shops are very popular in Germany. But the prices in them are 30% higher than in conventional stores.

5. People without a specific place of residence in Germany receive state assistance for the maintenance of dogs.

6. There are fewer women in this country than men.

7. In Germany, sanitary standards are very well observed. You do not need to worry, for example, about the quality of the half-baked piece of meat eaten.

8. Many Germans walk around the house in their shoes.

9. Germany - the birthplace of world-famous great composers: Bach, Beethoven, Mendelssohn, Brahms, Strauss, Handel, Schumann.

10. Many people associate Germany with beer. And not in vain. In this country there are about one and a half thousand breweries, in which it bottles more than 5 thousand varieties of the drink.

Interesting facts about Germany - photo# 3

11. Interesting facts about Germany relate to its cultural heritage. Few people know that in this country the number of museums exceeds the number of art monuments in the UK and Italy combined - about 6 thousand.

12. Germany is one of the world's leaders in waste processing.

13. The oldest brewery in the world is in Bavaria. Weihenstephaner - was built in 1040.

14. 30% of the entire territory of the republic is covered with forests.

15. In addition to beer, Germany is famous for its delicious bread. Its varieties here number about 300. In Germany, even there is a Museum of Bread.

Interesting facts about Germany - photo# 4

16. In most German families, there is only one child.

17. The official language of the republic is German. There are more than 60 dialects. Therefore, residents of different regions may not understand each other.

18. The third most popular language in the world is also German.

19. In addition to the museum and breweries in Germany, there are many castles and zoos. They are about 150 and 400 respectively.

Interesting facts about Germany - photo# 5

20. Berlin, the capital of Germany, is 9 times larger than Paris.

21. Only 2% of the total population of Germany does not have cell phones.

22. Every second German has his own car.

23. Germany ranks second in Europe in terms of population density.

24. Football is the most popular sport in this country.

Interesting facts about Germany - photo# 6

25. According to the results of the European statistics, the inhabitants of Germany make the largest amount of donations (voluntary) in Europe.

26. The Germans are book lovers. This country is among the three states with a high level of book printing. And the most "well-read" layer of the population is young people aged 14 to 19 years.

27. The working week in Germany is 6 days (with an 8-hour working day).

28. Most of the population of the republic - Catholics, slightly less - professes Lutheranism. An interesting fact: about 30% of Germans are atheists.

Interesting facts about Germany - photo# 7

29. More than 140 thousand students study at the universities of Berlin.

30. 102 Nobel laureates - from Germany.

31. Practically, in every German dish you will find potatoes and pork.

32. The Germans are a very hardworking nation. They go to bed early enough and wake up early.