Interesting facts about China - photo# 1

1. According to historians, civilization originated in China about 6 thousand years before our era.

2. Modern way of identification of a person - fingerprints - was used in China already in 700 AD.

Interesting facts about China - photo# 2

3. The area of China is 3,719,275 square miles, which makes this state the fourth largest in the world.

4. Every fifth inhabitant of the planet is Chinese. In China, the population is four times more than in the US.

5. The most common hobby of the Chinese is the collecting of stamps.

Interesting facts about China - photo# 3

6. The Chinese people invented a water wheel for two hundred years before the Europeans.

7. Previously, men and women of China wore very long nails, which were considered an indicator of their high origin. To ensure that this "pride" is not broken, on the nails wore special pads of gold or silver.

Interesting facts about China - photo# 4

8. There are seven genera of the Chinese language in the world. These are Chinese, Hakka, Xiang, Wu, Cantonese, Ghana and Mines.

9. Red color is a symbol of happiness in China. That is why textiles decorate weddings, birthdays, festivals and other merry festivities precisely this shade.

10. The most ancient sheet of paper that was ever found in China, dates from the first century BC. It was so strong that at one time it was used as a thin bulletproof vest or clothing.

Interesting facts about China - photo# 5

11. Interesting facts about China also relate to the early formation of science. For example, mathematics in China developed independence from Greek mathematics.

12. The symbol of luck in China is a bat. It is her image that can be seen on home textiles and even on porcelain.

13. The oldest calendar in the world is Chinese. It was compiled in 2006 BC. This calendar has already allocated 12 signs of the zodiac.

Interesting facts about China - photo# 6

14. In China, toilet paper was invented, and only representatives of the imperial family used it.

15. The Chinese like to organize battles of crickets and keep these insects as pets.

Interesting facts about China - photo# 7

16. China is home to the most popular treats around the world - ice cream.

17. Representatives of the Tang dynasty had to say hello and say goodbye in poetic form.