Interesting facts about travel - photo# 1

The famous seafarer of the past James Cook contributed to the welfare of the inhabitants of the visited islands and sought to put an end to cannibalism there. To do this, on the second visit to New Caledonia, he presented the local inhabitants with a wild boar and a pig. The sheep were brought to New Zealand and Tahiti.

Interesting facts about travel - photo# 2

There are unusual travelers, as well as their ways of moving. For example, preacher Hans Mulikin traveled to Washington from the Texas town of Marshall. At the same time, the 39-year-old man did 2600 kilometers of his journey on all fours, holding an axle with wheels mounted on it, having different diameters (this compensated for the slope of the road to the roadside). Hans' steps were wrapped in fur, they were protected by strips of steel. Spent on the road that began in 1978, more than two years, he reached the fence of the White House and asked for a reception from Jimmy Carter, then president. Protection of the residence refused the traveler, then he addressed the journalists. The essence of the statement of the traveler was reduced to the reproach of the authorities in their striving to turn citizens into wordless slaves silently walking on their knees.

Interesting facts about travel - photo# 3

One of the unusual records in traveling by car belongs to two Americans - James Hargis and Charles Creighton. In 1930, they overcame on the "back door" over 11 thousand kilometers, after traveling from New York to Los Angeles, and then returning back.

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The most expensive travel is the flight to the ISS of a businessman from the United States, Denis Tito and a millionaire from South Africa, who earned his money in the computer business. Their voyage is estimated at $ 20 million each.

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A Frenchman from the town of Landes - Sylvain Dornon made his way from Paris to Moscow, moving on stilts. Having set out on March 12, 1891, covering 60 kilometers every day, a brave Frenchman reached Moscow in less than two months.

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In 1950, Ben Carlin from Australia toured the world, starting and ending in Montreal, Canada. As a vehicle, Ben used modernized jeep-amphibian, intending to overcome with his help overland 62 thousand kilometers, and according to the water element 17 thousand kilometers. On the journey, Ben was accompanied by his wife, but in India, after more than half of the way, she went ashore.

Interesting facts about travel - photo# 7

Among the interesting facts about travel, we note those in which participants collected funds for noble purposes. For example, 65-year-old David Baird to raise money for research on prostate cancer and breast problems held his own marathon. For 112 days, David made 4,115 kilometers, while pushing ahead of him a wheelbarrow. And so crossed the Australian continent. At the same time he was on the move every day for 10-12 hours, and for the whole time he ran with a wheelbarrow covered a distance equal to 100 traditional marathons. This man of courage, visiting 70 cities, collected donations from Australian residents worth about 20 thousand local dollars.