Interesting facts about Europe - photo# 1

1. The ancient Greeks considered Europe as a separate continent.

2. Until now, scientists are arguing about where a man came from in Europe. According to genetic studies, humanity appeared here from India. A more common version connects the birth of the human race in Europe with people from Africa. One thing is clear: not in this part of the world did humanity originate in general.

Interesting facts about Europe - photo# 2

3. 35 thousand years ago a person of a modern type appeared on the territory of Europe.

4. 1/4 part of Europe is occupied by islands.

Interesting facts about Europe - photo# 3

5. Europe is considered the world homeland of various festivals. For example, the Oktoberfest beer festival takes place in Germany every year, and in France - the Cannes Film Festival, in Spain - Tomatina.

6. The smallest state in Europe is the Vatican. It is also a city with many cultural and historical monuments.

Interesting facts about Europe - photo# 4

7. The volcano Etna, which is located on the island of Sicily - the largest European volcano and one of the most active in the whole world. Mention of the eruption of Etna is in the oldest sources even before our era.

8. Between Africa and Madagascar there is an island called Europe. It was named after the ship of the same name from Britain.

Interesting facts about Europe - photo# 5

9. Europe - the so-called one of the moons of Jupiter (in honor of the character mythology of antiquity).

10. In Greek mythology, the name of the Phoenician princess of Europe is found. The ancient Greeks believed that it was she who gave the name to the continent.

11. There are no deserts in Europe. But the climate in different countries is also different. In winter it can be very cold, and in summer it can be very hot. In the UK, for example, it often rains. Because of the constant fogs, this region is secretly called "foggy Albion".

Interesting facts about Europe - photo# 6

12. The largest city in Europe is Paris, the capital of France.

13. Interesting facts about Europe can say a lot about the culinary preferences of Europeans. So, the well-known in the whole world mayonnaise came up with the French, ice cream - in Italy, and pizza - in Naples.

14. An amazing fact: first the statue of liberty was built in France, only then transferred to the US as a gift.

Interesting facts about Europe - photo# 7

15. The most visited monument in the world is the Eiffel Tower in France, Paris. Its height is 320 meters.

16. In Europe, many world sports have arisen. For example, in Scotland - golf.

17. Many philosophical movements are also connected with Europe: idealism, romanticism, postmodernism, humanism.

18. The Greeks have more than 150 variants of the national anthem.

Interesting facts about Europe - photo# 8

19. In Iceland, one of the first countries introduced a democratic system of government.

20. The national plant of Greenland is a willow.

21. In one Spanish city there is a monument of the liver.

Interesting facts about Europe - photo# 9

22. The Vatican is also known for being a country, practically, with a zero birth rate.

23. In Italy there is the volcano Vesuvius, which destroyed the Roman city of Pompeii. In our time it is still operational. The last time this volcano erupted in 1944.

Interesting facts about Europe - photo# 10

24. In the past, the Mediterranean Sea has often dried up.

25. In the countries of continental Europe - right-hand traffic. But in Paris there is a 350-meter long street, on which a left-hand traffic is installed. This is done in order to unload the streets in the hour-peak from traffic jams.