Interesting facts about North America - photo# 1

In the Western Hemisphere of our planet, or rather in its northern part, is the continent, whose name is North America. Its area is numerically about 20 million km2, and taking into account the numerous islands adjoining it, more than 24 million km2.

Interesting facts about North America - photo# 2

Interesting facts about North America begin with the climate of this mighty continent. There are practically all the climatic zones that occur on our planet. Surely everyone has heard of such an amazing and mysterious place as the "Death Valley". It was in the "valley" that the world record was recorded, which is +57 0С. In the west of the continent there is a rich set of dry salt lakes, which the inhabitants of America use for the extraction of edible salt, and also as test grounds for various aviation equipment.

Interesting facts about North America - photo# 3

In addition, North America has become famous for its water resources, the most unusual of which is the river flowing in the state of Florida. Its origin, it takes in Lake Okeechobee and falls into the Gulf of Mexico. Its length is only 16 km, but the width in several places slightly exceeds 80 km, and the depth is -15 cm!

Interesting facts about North America - photo# 4

But on this interesting facts about North America do not end, because in the eastern part of it there is a famous waterfall, the waters of which change the direction of the current in due course. This surprising phenomenon is due to the fact that the river flows through a rocky gorge and at low tide falls out of it. But as soon as the tide begins, the sea water rises 30 meters up, to the level of the river, and changes its direction to the other side.

Interesting facts about North America - photo# 5

On the territory of the continent, there are 24 states, where more than 500 million people live. The largest countries are the United States and Canada, and the smallest are Nevis and Christopher. The national language here is, of course, English, but also often meets French and Spanish.