Interesting facts about South America - photo# 1

1. Part of the territory of South America was opened by the Spanish explorer Columbus. About the presence of a large continent, he learned first. The theory of Christopher Columbus that water becomes more fresh only if the river flows into the sea, found confirmation in 1492.

2. The largest country in South America is Brazil. It is famous for its magnificent carnivals and performances of various samba schools.

Interesting facts about South America - photo# 2

3. The largest river in the world flows through this continent. Amazon has more than half a thousand tributaries.

4. Angel - this is the name of the highest waterfall in the world. He is in the South American country of Venezuela. The height of the waterfall is more than 1000 meters. It is a miracle of nature in hard-to-reach places, so not everyone can be lucky to see it.

Interesting facts about South America - photo# 3

5. The highest mountain in the world is located in Bolivia. The city of La Paz is at an altitude of 3-4 kilometers!

6. Machu Picchu - this is the highest mountain city of antiquity. It was built by Indian tribes in the Andes, Peru. Nowadays Machu Picchu is one of the most impressive sights in the whole world.

Interesting facts about South America - photo# 4

7. Interesting facts about South America reveal the secret of the longevity of the inhabitants of its coastal countries. According to scientists, the consumption of fresh seafood and the unique natural conditions of the continent contribute to the development of mental capacity and improve people's health.

8. Did you know that the South American country of Venezuela was named after the European city of Venice? Florentine traveler Amerigo Vespucci, having studied the principle of building Venezuela (a system of canals, houses on piles, on the water), found similarities with Venice. Hence the name of the whole country in South America.

Interesting facts about South America - photo# 5

9. On the shores of this continent is the famous lighthouse of Izkalo (or Isalco), known to sailors all over the world. In fact, it is a volcano, about 2 kilometers high. Every 8 minutes magma is poured out here and a 300-meter column of smoke rises. The reliability of this lighthouse is checked by the continuous 200-year work of the volcano.

10. In the northern part of Chile, the unique Atacama Desert is located. It is interesting because for 400 years there was absolutely no rainfall there. For this reason, the air humidity in the world's driest planet is 0%, and the mountains here, despite the impressive height of 7 km, do not have glacial caps. Imagine the surprise of local residents when in 2010 nature endowed the lifeless lands of the desert with snowdrifts in May.

Interesting facts about South America - photo# 6

11. In the highlands of Peru and Bolivia, indigenous tribes still live.

12. South America - the habitat of the world's largest beetles (beetle beetles), the most poisonous frogs (Red Spiny Frog, Spotted Dwarf, Two-tone Fillomedusa, Little Dverolaz and others), the smallest monkeys (gambling), the largest butterflies (butterfly -agrippina), the most dangerous fish (piranhas).

Interesting facts about South America - photo# 7

13. The Colombian River Canyo-Kristales is considered one of the most beautiful and unusual in the whole world. Uniqueness is attached to a large number of multi-colored algae. Like red, yellow and green threads, they fill the pond with amazing shades.

14. In the South American country of Paraguay, there are still dueling (and resolved).

15. Summer panamki were invented in Ecuador, and not in Panama, as logically one might think.