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Kerber was born in Bremen to Polish parents Sławomir Kerber, from Poznań, and Beata (née Rzeźnik), who is her manager. She has one sister, Jessica. She grew up in Kiel and started playing tennis at age three, eventually joining the junior circuit. In 2012, Kerber moved to Puszczykowo; a suburb of Poznań, Poland, where her maternal grandfather owns an indoor tennis facility. She made inroads at events in Germany and elsewhere in Europe, but did not win a junior title before 2003, at which point she had already turned professional at age 15. Kerber speaks German, Polish and English and holds dual German-Polish citizenship. [failed verification] She has competed for Germany since the start of her career. In an interview Kerber clarified that, despite strong Polish connection, she considers herself German: "I am German. I play for Germany, I grew up in Germany, and my heart beats for Germany"; however, another time she said: "my heart beats for Poland too". A huge football fan, Kerber has cited German club FC Bayern Munich as her favourite team. Although born right-handed, she plays left-handed. Kerber has frequently cited former German tennis player Steffi Graf as her childhood idol and her motivation for pursuing tennis.