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In 2019, Crenshaw has said that "climate change is occurring and that man-made emissions play a part in that. What isn't clear is how our actions will serve to reverse that warming trend, and what the cost-benefit outcome would be. Regardless, we should continue pursuing new green energy solutions that lessen our impact on the environment and create cleaner air and water. " During his 2018 election campaign, Crenshaw's website made brief mention of global warming, applauding President Trump for withdrawing from the Paris Climate Accords. Crenshaw described the agreement as "costly and meaningless. " He went on to call the agreement value signaling[citation needed] and said it was not good policy. He also stated that "We must use our money to develop better infrastructure. " In 2018, Crenshaw called for a debate on the causes of climate change, adding, "We can't start off the conversation saying the climate is settled. The right way to have this conversation is to actually listen to what the science says on both sides. "