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In 2014, Kjellberg’s commentaries, originally best known for featuring horror video games, began to feature games that interested him, regardless of genre. In March, Kjellberg updated his video production output, announcing he would be scaling down the frequency of uploads. In August 2014, Maker Studios released an official PewDiePie app for the iPhone, allowing audiences to view his videos, create custom favourite video feeds and share videos with others. Later in the month, Kjellberg uploaded a video, announcing he would permanently disable comments on his YouTube videos. On his decision, Kjellberg stated most comments consisted of spam and self-advertising, and was not what he wanted to see. After disabling comments, Kjellberg continued interacting with his audience through Twitter and Reddit. On 13 October, Kjellberg decided to allow comments on his videos once more, albeit only after approval. However, he expressed that he toggled his comment settings this way so that he could redirect viewers to instead comment on the forums of his Broarmy. net website. Kjellberg stated in a later video that disabling comments had helped him become happier. In the same year, Kjellberg began streaming videos of his co-hosted series, BroKen, onto MLG. tv. Kjellberg co-hosted the series with Kenneth Morrison, better known as CinnamonToastKen, who is also a video game commentator.