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Bryan then approaches Myers himself, who eventually admits that his testimony was coerced after police played to his fear of burning and threatened to have him executed by electric chair. Bryan appeals to the local court to grant Walter a retrial. and successfully convinces Myers to recant his testimony on the stand, but the judge nevertheless refuses to grant a retrial. Distraught, Bryan vents his frustrations about the case to Eva. He appears on 60 Minutes to rally public support in favor of Walter, then appeals to the Supreme Court of Alabama. The Supreme Court overturns the circuit court's decision, and grants Walter his retrial. Bryan then motions to have the charges dismissed entirely. He confronts Chapman at his home and tries to convince him to join him in his motion; Chapman angrily ejects him from his property. The day of the motion comes, and Bryan appeals to the judge. Chapman agrees to join him in his motion, the case is dismissed, and Walter is finally reunited with his family.