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In 2017, Arndt conducted a 17-minute interview for her YouTube channel with Nicolaas Bester, a high school teacher in Tasmania who in 2011 was sentenced to two years and 10 months jail for maintaining a sexual relationship with a 15-year-old student and possessing child pornography. He was subsequently jailed again for producing child exploitation material and bragging that the sexual abuse had been "awesome". In the video, Arndt referred to "sexually provocative behaviour from female students" and said young women should "behave sensibly and not exploit their seductive power to ruin the lives of men". Bester's victim subsequently criticised Arndt for supporting Bester and accusing her of trivialising his crime, saying there "was no evidence of my provocative behaviour". "Not only is the interview disturbing because it gives a platform to a paedophile. It's not a truthful interview. " Arndt was criticised for not seeking out the victim for her side of the story Following widespread public outrage, Arndt apologised for her tone and said her interview was in poor taste, but in a later interview said of Bester that "He is not a pederast. He is not preying on kids. "