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16 new castaways landed in the Australian Outback to begin the adventure of a lifetime. Upon arrival, each tribe had 5 minutes to collect everything they thought necessary from a box waiting for them and immediately faced a grueling 5-mile hike to their respective camps. Nick was in charge of the compass and got the Kucha tribe lost. Debb immediately took control, which got on people's nerves. Jeff Varner began feeling sick, which he blamed on the flight in. During the Ogakor hike, some people were having problems carrying things; Colby said that was the quickest way to see what everyone is made of. Keith ran ahead to scout out how far the camp was, and Ogakor arrived at their camp first. When Kucha finally arrived at their camp, they took a celebratory jump into the river. Michael had experience in construction, so he took the lead (even though Rodger built homes for a living), which annoyed Debb, and Kimmi annoyed Jeff Varner and Debb with her incessant talking. At the Ogakor camp, Keith and Jerri argued about where to build the shelter. The next day at Kucha, Mike found a fig tree, but all the figs had bugs in the center. Mike and Debb argued about how to start a fire, and Rodger donated extra pages from his Bible to help start it but to no avail. Colby and Keith attempted to start a fire at Ogakor with no luck, and Jerri questioned where they were trying to start the fire.