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Pixie Hollow was an MMOG created by The Walt Disney Company and released September 8, 2008. The game was free to play online, however a subscription was needed to have access to things for members only. The website was based partly on the Disney fairy books written by Gail Carson Levine. Free-members could create a female Fairy or male Sparrow Man avatar who each came with a small selection of furnishings to decorate a virtual room. Players were able to interact with others and have access to both 'speed' chat with pre-selected phrases and full chat where they are able to type their own messages. They could also play various "Talent Games," or fairy themed mini-games, found in the various meadows and forests of Pixie Hollow. The game used organic materials as a virtual currency for players to shop. Players could also play games and visit places to earn badges that they could see in their "leaf journal," which also served as a handbook and inventory. Players could purchase a monthly, semi-annual or annual membership. The membership included: Clothing, furniture, access to the ballroom, and a hair salon with spa.