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Tourism in Greece is one of the main branches of the economy. Revenues from the annual 17 million foreign travelers give about 16% of Greek GDP.

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The most popular place for pilgrims is Halkidiki.

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The Greek authorities in 2002 introduced a ban on gambling and computer games, including at home. Although this law was strictly not respected, it is now recognized as violating the rights of citizens. The most famous alcoholic product in the world from Greece is metaxa, which is a mixture of muscat wine and brandy. This drink is popular both in pure form, and as a component for a cocktail.

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Ecology is among the priorities of the Greeks. It is not surprising that wind power stations can be found on almost every island in Greece. More than 40% of citizens of this country live in its capital.

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Talking about interesting facts about Greece, we note - the Greeks can be called polyglots. Their schoolchildren learn at least two foreign languages. Among them is one of the languages of Europe and compulsory English. Well-known among themselves Greeks, and also friends and relatives traditionally kiss on cheeks, including representatives of stronger sex. Kisses two - after all, and cheeks are also a couple.

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Greece is a country of mountains, which occupy about 80% of its area. Greece can be called a country of five seas - after all, its coast is washed by the Cretan, Thrace, Aegean, Ionian and Mediterranean seas. The Greeks are characterized by decent longevity - in this indicator the country is on the 26th place. After all, on average, Greek women live 82 years, men - 77.

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To catch a taxi for a trip to Greece is not a problem, but for a five-minute trip you will be asked for up to 6 euros. Like many southerners, the Greeks get up early in the morning - about 5-6 hours, and go to bed late - not before 11 pm. A brief night's sleep is supplemented by a day siesta at the hottest time of the day - between two and four o'clock in the afternoon.

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Punctuality is not a feature of the Greek character. The Greeks may be late for an hour, suddenly, before the very beginning of the meeting, transfer it to a different time. Sometimes the thought of the cool attitude of many Greeks to work creeps in. The country's legislation prohibits the combination of public service with private entrepreneurship, but in real life it is common.

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You can not find homeless people in Greece, about a few beggars the Greeks themselves say that they are either Albanians or Gypsies. Of all the islands of Greece, and there are more than 2 thousand, only 170 are inhabited. The area of the largest of the Greek islands - Crete is 3189 square kilometers. Participation in elections is mandatory for all citizens from the age of 18.