Interesting facts about Great Britain - photo# 1

1. In the UK, left-hand traffic.

2. The English city of Edinburgh is the first city in the whole world to have its own fire department.

Interesting facts about Great Britain - photo# 2

3. "Superlambananas" - this name was given to the symbols of the city of Liverpool in 2008. They had the tail of a banana and the head of a cow or llama. These creatures were on all storefronts and posters.

4. The name "Foggy Albion" England received because of the white rocks and cliffs on the south coast.

5. In Scotland, the shortest flight is made all over the world - from Westray to Papa Westray. It lasts only one minute and 14 seconds.

6. Great Britain was the first to use car brands. Therefore, it is also exempt from the obligatory indication of the Latin letters of the producing country.

Interesting facts about Great Britain - photo# 3

7. In Britain there is an official holiday - the birthday of the monarch of Britain. But the birthday of Queen Elizabeth II is celebrated on the third Saturday of every June, and her real birthday is April 21.

8. In restaurants in the UK, visitors are usually paid in cash.

9. Interesting facts about Great Britain also concern the legislation of the state. In Scotland, there is a law according to which a man who refused to marry a woman who made an offer to him must pay a fine.

10. The cars of different subway lines are painted according to the color of their line.

11. A raincoat from the rain was invented by the Scottish chemist, artist and architect Charles Mackintosh. In this country, the cloak is still called the name of its creator, "Mac."

12. Acts of the Parliament of England and Ireland are still printed on calf leather paper.

Interesting facts about Great Britain - photo# 4

13. In the UK, there is a profession of "queue fighter".

14. Whiskey, one of the most popular drinks in Scotland, was invented in China.

15. Oxford Street in London is the longest street of merchants in the world.

16. In the 17-18 century there was a law prohibiting on pain of death to open bottles with enclosed letters from the queen. In those days there was even a post called "an opener of ocean bottles with letters".

Interesting facts about Great Britain - photo# 5

17. The only place in the UK where the queen can not enter is the House of Commons.

18. Sport, weather and X-factor are the most common topics for the conversation of the English.