Interesting facts about Scandinavian countries - photo# 1

1. The name "Norway" is translated as "the way to the north". Despite this, the country is not so cold. The warm waters of the Gulf Stream bring a thirty-degree heat in the summer, and the sea does not freeze in the Arctic beyond the Arctic Circle even in winter.

2. The coldest month of the year in Norway is March. At this time, snow falls, the temperature of the air drops considerably, and severe frosts begin.

Interesting facts about Scandinavian countries - photo# 2

3. The summer period in Norway is very quiet and calm, even boring. Traveling around this country in the hot season, you can see a lot of closed cafes, restaurants, clubs, theaters and museums. The fact is that in the summer most Norwegians like to take a long vacation and go to hot countries.

4. In Norway, whaling is officially permitted.

5. More than 300 thousand Swedes have the surname Karlsson.

6. The most popular souvenir from Sweden is a road sign that warns of the possibility to meet moose on the road. Useful and with humor)

Interesting facts about Scandinavian countries - photo# 3

7. The average age of Swedish students is 25 years. The fact is that in this country after graduation it is not accepted to immediately enter higher education institutions. Young people first move from their parents, get a job, then decide on further education.

8. The first children's car seats appeared exactly in Sweden. It happened in the late twentieth century.

9. Scholars in Sweden received the most patents for their inventions, than representatives of other countries in the world. Really interesting facts about the Scandinavian countries!

10. The most popular mode of transport in Denmark is a bicycle.

Interesting facts about Scandinavian countries - photo# 4

11. In Denmark, there are very few buildings with more than six floors.

12. In most countries of the world, it is prohibited to desecrate (including burning) its national flag under pain of legal responsibility. But in Denmark it is not allowed to do this with the flags of other countries. You can burn the Danish flag. There will be no punishment for this.

13. It is believed that modern Bluetooth technology was named in honor of the King of Denmark Harald I of the Blue-tooth. In the far X century it was he who united the Danish tribes. Bluetooth was created in order to combine communication protocols into one universal standard.

14. In Denmark, fingerprints were first used as proof of the guilt or innocence of a suspect for the first time. It happened in 1902.

Interesting facts about Scandinavian countries - photo# 5

15. The largest Scandinavian library is in Copenhagen. It collected about 500 thousand volumes and 20 thousand manuscripts.

16. Stroget shopping street is the longest pedestrian street in the whole world. Its length is almost 2 kilometers.

Interesting facts about Scandinavian countries - photo# 6

17. The Danish flag is the oldest active flag. This cloth of red color with a white cross appeared in the beginning of the XIII century.

18. The oldest amusement park in the world, Tivoli, is also in Denmark, in Copenhagen. He is one of the largest in Europe. Once he was visited by Walt Disney. As a result, the famous "Disneyland" appeared.

19. The Faroe Islands, once owned by Norway, the king lost to the poker ruler of Denmark. True or fiction - but the fact is very interesting.