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1. During the past 10 thousand years, India has not been captured by any country. In the 20 th century, Mother Teresa, revered by the saint in Calcutta, and Mahatma Gandhi were among the greatest apostles in the world.

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2. Indian sage Aryabhatta invented the concept of number 0. Two systems - decimal and bit value - were also an Indian contribution to world science and made in 100 BC.

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3. Another 700 years BC. The first university in the world was founded in Takshashili. Within its walls more than 10.5 thousand students from all over the world studied in 60 subjects. One of the greatest achievements in the education of ancient India is the University of Nalanda, established in the 4th century AD.

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4. According to the magazine Forbes in 1987, the most convenient language in terms of computer software is Sanskrit. This language is the basis of Indo-European languages.

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5. When we talk about interesting facts about India, it is necessary to note Ayurveda, the earliest known medicine school in the world. It was created 2500 years ago by the father of medicine Charak.

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6. Before the arrival of the British in the 17th century in India, this country was the richest in the world. Her treasures attracted Christopher Columbus. For the acquisition of trade privileges in India, many adventurers struggled among themselves - the Portuguese, the French, the British, the Danes and the Netherlands. India became famous as a country rich in milk and honey.

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7. Interesting facts about India - 6000 years ago the art of navigation was born on the Indus River, and the word "navigation" itself originated from the Sanskrit word "navgatih".

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8. The time of passage of the sun around the Earth was calculated by the Hindu Brasharacharya in the 5th century AD. The full circle is made for 365.258756484 days. With this discovery, he for hundreds of years ahead of the astronomer Smart.

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9. Also from India came to us the basic concept of costing, algebra and trigonometry. The concept of quadratic equations was introduced in the 11th century by Shridharacharya. Greeks and Romans considered the largest number of 10 to 6 degrees, in India, they believed that this is 10 to 53 degrees.

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10. The author of the first calculation of the number pi is Budhayan. He also identified the expanded options for action, called in our time the Pythagorean Theorem. It is interesting that he did this in the 6th century, ahead of Arab and European mathematicians.

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11. In India, Kalpa, the largest unit of time, was put into scientific circulation. This is a huge period of time from the birth to the complete destruction of the universe. It is very close to the value of the period of life and is equal to 25 billion years according to the theory of the pulsating universe.

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12. According to the research of the American Institute of Geology, India until 1896 was the only country where diamonds were mined. From India, the jewel Koch-i-Nur was brought, which is an ornament of the crown of the British monarch.

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13. According to the American Institute of Radio and Electronics Engineers, the assumptions about the authorship of Dr. Jagdeesh Bos, who lived in Calcutta, are correct in the invention of wireless communications. These assumptions, which refuted the authorship of Marconi, were made a hundred years ago.

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14. Saurashtra in Western India is home to the first dams and irrigation tanks. In India, the first artificial river was created, called Sudarshan (beautiful). The head of its construction in 150 AD. was King Rudradaman I. In the times when Chandragupta Maury ruled, the river flowed between the hills of Raivataka.

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15. The Indian invention is also the strategic game of chess.