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Eurasia is the geographical progenitor of ancient civilizations. Not surprisingly, the continent is incredibly valuable for archaeologists. It was here that unique artifacts were discovered, and are now stored in museums around the world. Besides, Eurasia is considered a place where science began to develop.

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On the territory of the mainland there is the highest highland - Tibet. Its area is about 2 million square kilometers. The average height reaches 4 thousand meters, individual ridges - 6-7 thousand meters. Tibet is a highland desert. Here you can find many sources and geysers.

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As for the highest mountain system in the world, it is also located in Eurasia. This is the Himalayas. They include several ridges that extend over a distance of 2.4 thousand kilometers. An interesting fact about Eurasia is that there are eleven highest peaks in the world. Their height is more than 8 thousand meters. During the calculations specialists came to an amazing conclusion - if the stones from the Himalayas scattered on the surface of our planet, then its average height would increase to eighteen to twenty meters.

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For the first time, the map, in which the images of Asia, Europe and several African regions were present, was compiled by Eratosthenes of Cyrene in Ancient Greece in the 3rd century BC. Of course, the map contained a lot of inaccuracies. For example, most of it was occupied by land.

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Studying interesting facts about Eurasia, scientists have established that it was here that the most ancient people lived - the Sumerians.

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The largest number of volcanoes is found on the Pacific coast of the mainland. The eruption of the volcano Nameless, located on the territory of Kamchatka, was the strongest. It happened in 1955. Ashes, which was thrown out by the volcano, flew to the British Isles.