Interesting facts about Italy - photo# 1

1. The name "italia" is translated as "the land of the calf". This origin still remains a mystery. But scientists find symbolism with bulls - a symbol of Southern Italy. The official name is the Republic of Italy.

2. Italy is the most populous European state. This factor, according to scientists, and led to the disappearance of most of the fauna and flora.

Interesting facts about Italy - photo# 2

3. In Italy, masterpieces of art for one square kilometer more than in any other country in the world.

4. 80% of the territory of Italy - mountains and hills.

Interesting facts about Italy - photo# 3

5. For 333 thousand dollars in 2007 at auction was sold a huge truffle (weighing one and a half kilograms), found by the dog Rocco in Tuscany.

6. In order to prevent people from forgetting their culinary traditions, in 1986, near the first Italian McDonald's, they distributed spaghetti for free.

Interesting facts about Italy - photo# 4

7. Such world-famous kinds of cheeses as parmesan, gorgonzola, ricotta, mozzarella were created by Italians. Perhaps not in Italy they baked the first pizza, but it was her people who made the most significant contribution to the popularization of the dish.

8. One of the oldest educational institutions in the world is the University of Rome ("Knowledge" is a more common name). Its foundation occurred in 1303 by the Catholic Church. Nowadays about 150 thousand students study at this university. This is a record figure even for Europe.

Interesting facts about Italy - photo# 5

9. On the territory of the Republic of Italy, there are two independent dwarf states: the Vatican and San Marino.

10. San Marino is the oldest republic, which was founded in the distant 301. The number of its inhabitants is 30 thousand. San Marino still has the oldest constitution.

Interesting facts about Italy - photo# 6

11. The Vatican is the only state in the whole world whose gates are closed for the night. There is its own radio, money, television, postage stamps and even the army (Swiss guardsmen).

12. Italians for their lives are witnessing more earthquakes than residents of other European countries. The most devastating in recent times occurred in 1980 in Naples.

Interesting facts about Italy - photo# 7

13. Because of its geographical location, Italy has a huge number of volcanoes. The most powerful eruptions occurred on the territory of this particular country - Vesuvius, Stromboli, Etna.

14. Survival after a variety of species of plague, brought by merchants from the Middle East, stimulated the beginning of the Renaissance.

15. Between 1861 and 1985, more than 26 million people left Italy in search of a better life.

16. Interesting facts about Italy also relate to its geography. The highest European mountain (4807 meters) is in this country. Its Italian name is White Mountain. It is also known as Mont Blanc.

Interesting facts about Italy - photo# 8

17. To date, Italy is among the top ten countries in terms of high levels of industrial and financial development.

18. Representatives of Northern Italy have surnames ending with "i", but among the inhabitants of the south the most common surname is Rousseau.

19. Italian language originated from folk Latin - the dialect spoken in the Roman Empire. But the official language of the Vatican is Latin.

Interesting facts about Italy - photo# 9

20. The famous historical personality of Italy Benito Mussolini tried to turn off the Italian language foreign words. For example, Donald Duck became Paperino, Goofy - Pippo, football goal - meta, and Mickey Mouse - Topolino.

21. Annually, about 50 million tourists from all over the world visit Italy. Therefore, tourism is one of the priority branches of the economy of the republic. It brings more than 60% of the national income.