Interesting facts about Egypt - photo# 1

1. In Egypt, devices were invented, without which modern man thinks his life: toothpaste, soap, hairbrush, deodorant and scissors. But women owe the Egyptians shoes with heels.

2. Paper and ink for writing for the first time in the world began to be used also in Egypt. As a paper, a papyrus, made of reeds, was invented in the same place in 4000 BC.

Interesting facts about Egypt - photo# 2

3. Faience, cement and glass came up in Egypt.

4. It was the Egyptians, both women and men, who first started using cosmetics.

Interesting facts about Egypt - photo# 3

5. Physicians of Ancient Egypt were famous for the treatment of not only physical ailments, but also mental ones. In the study of the structure of the human body, a special role was played by the tradition of mummification, which resulted in the extraction of all organs except the heart. The heart remained in the body because, according to the Egyptians, the soul was in him.

6. The knowledge of mummification was useful to the Egyptians in the long storage of food, or rather meat. In doing so, they used sodium bicarbonate and soda. Mummified Egyptians and animals. So, modern archaeologists once found a mummified crocodile.